Opportunity Focused Marketing



The American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery was seeking to broaden its service offering to include its first product – a proprietary pet identification microchip.  This microchip would enable the organization to grow its animal recovery database and help to fund various animal welfare programs. The microchip would be marketed to a wide range of audiences including: veterinarians, animal shelters, breeders and pet owners.


Crittenden OFM was selected to develop the positioning, brand and the different elements of the rollout marketing program for AKC CAR including: logo design, packaging, advertising, online elements, trade show and collateral materials. A strong graphic look and feel was developed for the brand along with an integrated rollout program tailored to the respective audiences.  Messaging highlighted not only the product benefits, but also leveraged the AKC name along with its heritage of animal welfare and concern.


AKC CAR’s multi-tiered branding campaign was successful in helping launch this new product and help spread the word about the great work of AKC CAR. Today, vets, shelters and breeders across the country are using the AKC CAR ID System to protect everything from dogs and cats to horses, gerbils and even iguanas. Enrollment in AKC CAR’s animal recovery service has swelled to more than 4,000,000 pets. And AKC CAR continues to donate more than $100,000 annually to a wide variety of worthy animal-related causes, from veterinarian student scholarships to canine search and rescue teams.