Opportunity Focused Marketing


  1. Helping Those Who Help Others

    Alliance Medical Ministry provides compassionate, affordable healthcare to working adults. Even with the Affordable
    Care Act, there are still tens of thousands of hard-working adults in North Carolina who lack access to proper medical care. Alliance Medical Ministry has been helping to provide medical, wellness and ministry services to those in need. Crittenden OFM has partnered with AMM for over a decade to help them address these needs. The new, dynamic AMM website, makes it easy for Alliance to communicate with its different constituencies without requiring any unique technical skills.

  2. Enhanced Online Presence Helps Patients And Dentists

    Crittenden OFM worked with the team at Greenberg Dental to develop an enhanced, attractive website to support their practices. For new patients, this site provides specific information about the specific practice, doctors, specialists, and services as well as offering a simple means to schedule appointments. For existing patients, this new site provides a much more accessible tool for gathering useful dental, financing and insurance information, while it makes scheduling appointments with their practice much easier. For the dentists, this sites enhances their online presence in a compelling professional manner.


    SPD Website Logo

    Southern Produce, one of the world's largest provider of sweet potatoes, now has a website that speaks to its position as an innovator in the industry, while also paying homage to it's 70 year history. A multi-generation family owned business located in Faison, NC, Southern Produce provides nutritious, delicious produce to families across the US, Canada and the UK. 

    As part of an overall branding and marketing program, Crittenden Opportunity Focused Marketing also developed a new logo for Southern Produce that's a modern twist on the classic fruit and vegetable crate labels from the time of Southern Produce founding in 1942. Southern Produce combines traditional family farm values along with latest ideas and innovations to provide its customers with better, fresher products. We wanted our work for them to be reflective of this unique organization. 


  4. Crittenden A.D. Brings Home Big Winner

    Samuel Booker MunsonCrittenden art director, Diana Pyle and John Munson are estatic in announcing the successful launch of a recent collaboration – their beautiful son, Samuel Booker Munson. This magnificant new addition to our planet was born on May 14 and weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. 

    A true professional, Diana completed this effort on time and very close to budget.

  5. Fast Growing Florida Dental Care Provider Group Chooses Crittenden

    MIAMI, FL – Towncare Dental, a leading dental services management company with more than 35 practices stretching from Orlando to Miami, Fort Myers to Fort Lauderdale, has named Crittenden Advertising its agency of record as it gears up to expand its operations. 

    “Crittenden is a perfect fit for us,” explained Mike Bileca, Towncare Dental’s Chief Operating Officer. “They have a great deal of experience helping multi-location healthcare providers prosper and grow in good times and bad. We were particularly impressed by the instrumental role they played in DentalCare Partners’ evolution from a handful of offices into one of the nation’s largest dental services companies. 

    “We believe there is a real need for the kind of care Towncare Dental offers,” Bileca continued. “As we chart our course for future growth, we will be working closely with Crittenden. Their mandate goes far beyond just creating ads: They will be intimately involved in everything from strategic planning to online initiatives.” 

    We already have seen a significant ROI on our initial marketing projects. As we rolled out Crittenden’s campaigns by market, we saw an immediate 25% increase in new patient flow as soon as the marketing was launched.